Everyone wants to get married as it’s a part of life which will make us happy and give us companionship and love throughout our life. At some point in life, we all want to marry a good person and live a happy marital life. Marriage is the definition of companionship in which the spouses commit in a sacred relationship. In this article, we are going to tell you dua for wedding , dua for getting married , dua to get married soon , islam congratulate wedding and congratulations for marriage.

dua for wedding

Abu Hurayrah, Allah be pleased with him narrates that when the prophet of Allah, Allah send peace and blessings upon him would congratulate someone upon their marriage he would say:

dua for wedding
dua for wedding

“May Allah bless you, and shower His blessings upon you, and join you together in goodness.”

بارَكَ اللّهُ لَك، وَبارَكَ عَلَـيْك، وَجَمَعَ بَيْـنَكُما في خَـيْر

Baarakallaahu laka, wa baaraka ‘alayka, wa jama’a baynakumaa fee khayrin

Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah and At-Tirmidhi. See also Al-Albani, Sahih At-Tirmidhi 1/316.

dua for getting married

Quran 28 : 24 Al Qasas

“Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min kharyin faqeer”

“My Lord, I am ever needful of any favor that You may send my way”

According to hadith narrated by Tirmidhi

“Allahumma aghnini bi halalika `an haramika wa bi ta`atika `an ma`siyatika wa bi fadlika `amman siwaka”.

“O Allah, make me self-sufficient with what You have declared as halal for me so that I am not compelled to resort to that which is haram; and make me self-sufficient with Your obedience so that I am not compelled to disobey You; and make me self-sufficient with Your favor so that I do not need to look to others for favor”.

dua to get married soon

Muslims should never forget that only Allah Almighty knows the right time for the things to happen but we should not lose hope and pray to Him for the best. here dua to get married.

Quran 89:21 (An Anbiya)

“Rabbi la tadharnia fardana wa’anta khayrul waritheen

“O my Lord do not let me live alone and You are the Most Excellent Inheritor.”

Dua narrated by Imam Ali

“Allahuma arzuqniy zawjatan wadudaan waludaan shakuraan ghayuraan ‘iin ‘ahsant shakarat w ‘iin ‘asat ghafarat wa ‘iin dhakart allah taealaa ‘aeanat w ‘iin nasiyt dhakarat w ‘iin kharajt min eindiha hafizat wa ‘iin dakhalt ealayha surat w ‘iin ‘amartuha ‘ataeatniy w ‘iin ‘aqsamt ealayha ‘abarat qasamiy wa ‘iin ghadibt ealayha ‘ardatniy ya dha aljalal w al’iikram hab liy dhalik fa’iinama ‘as’alukah wa la akhidh aila ma manant wa a’taayt”

“O Allah, bless me, a friendly wife, and thank You for Your gratitude, if I have done well, thank you, and if I have sinned, forgive me, and if you remember God, I have helped you. If you forgot, I remembered, and if I went out of her, I saved her, and if I entered her, I passed by her and ordered her to obey me. Glory and Glory to Him I ask Him and take only what I give and give”

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islam congratulate wedding

Sending wedding wishes, messages and duas to a newly married couple is a common thing for all of us. But sometimes, we can’t clearly disclose whatever we really want to say to congratulate a Muslim couple religiously. Here we provide some Islamic wedding wishes to help you wording your blessings and greetings to a newly married Muslim couple

islam congratulate wedding
islam congratulate wedding

May Allah bless you and your partner on this new adventure of your life together.

Nikkah Mubarak to you both. Wishing you two a happy conjugal life.

Alhumdulillah! Congratulations! I wish you years of happiness, love, and joy. May Allah bless you!

Always stay true to Allah and each other. May Allah bless your marriage and your love forever.

Congrats dear friend! Wishing you years of joy, love, and blessing from Allah on your wedding day.

Stay honest and seek help from Allah whenever needed. Many congratulations on your wedding.

May Allah bless your marriage and keep you united till the end of time. Happy wedding, my dear son!

May Allah strengthen the knot that keeps your hearts together and blesses two hearts with faith and love for each other! Happy wedding!

Mash Allah! It looks like you both are made for each other. May Allah make you the world’s best beautiful couple! Best wishes on your wedding!

Congratulations on your wedding day. May Allah gives you full of happiness and joys, and the happiness remains until the last day of your life.

congratulations for marriage

Weddings are a huge thing. You are about to start a new chapter of your life. You have to become more responsible and obedient in life. Lots of good wishes and blessings for you on this big day.

Congratulations dear friend, I hope you will have a wonderful wedding day with so much enjoyment and valuable moments, may Allah bless you.

A wedding is a very beautiful thing that helps a younger to stay on the right path of Islam, I am so happy that you are getting married. Allah my duas and blessings are with you.

May Allah strengthens the knot between both of you and helps you to stay together forever, that’s my wish for you on your wedding day.

Alhamdulillah, you are getting married, I am so happy for you. I am sending all the good wishes and blessings to you. May Allah make your life easy and simple.

May Allah bless you and accept all of your good deeds, that’s my wish for you on your marriage day, Happy Wedding, dear.

Getting married is a beautiful thing, it’s nothing funny, but it comes with great responsibility. I know you are a wonderful person who is ready to start a new life, congratulations.

I am sending all the blessings and good wishes on your wonderful wedding.