Whether you’ve grown up in the same place, or when you see each other it’s like no time has passed, the bond between cousins can be as strong as between siblings and it’s a relationship that many people cherish. We’ve got a few ways for you to let your favourite cousin know just how important they’ve been in your life. Here you will find birthday messages for cousin , birthday wishes for cousin girl , happy birthday cousin funny , funny birthday wishes for cousin brother , and happy birthday cousin girl . so take a look and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect happy birthday cousin message for you!

birthday messages for cousin

As close as a brother and closer than a friend, your cousin will always be one of the most important people in your life. On their birthday this year, make their day unforgettable by sending Happy Birthday Cousin Messages!

birthday messages for cousin
birthday messages for cousin

A birthday is just the beginning of another year in that thing they call life. It’s long and sometimes beautiful, other times difficult, but it’s made all the better since I have a cousin like you. I hope that I can bring you that same comfort.

I am convinced I have the best cousin in the world, and I hope the feeling is mutual. From one phenomenal cousin to another I wish you a happy birthday!

I hope that you continue to reach higher and higher in life. You’ve already touched the sky, but I know you can also reach the stars. Happy birthday cousin!

Happy birthday to the sweetest, most adorable cousin in the world. I hope your birthday is filled with sugar, spice, and all things nice just like you.

Dear cousin, I knew I loved you since the day you were born. I’m so proud of all you’ve done so far in your life, but I’m even prouder of who you’ve become. Happy birthday!

Remember that at the end of the day age is just a number. What really matters is what you’ve done with all the years you’ve been given. Keep on being fabulous cousin, and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Happy birthday!

Getting older really makes you appreciate things more than when you were a child. I really do appreciate and treasure every moment spent with you. Happy birthday cousin.

There are lots of parts of my childhood I would like to forget, but none of them include you. Thanks for being a fond memory I can always look back on with happiness.

birthday wishes for cousin girl

birthday wishes for cousin girl
birthday wishes for cousin girl

Happy Birthday. For my sweet cousin, You are all kinds of wonderful. I’m wishing you the most scrumptious and delightful birthday ever!

Happy Birthday. Happiness is having you for my family. Cousins are like sisters and best friends all rolled up into one! Have a beautiful day.

Happy Birthday. My cousin, my friend! Where would I be without you? Life isn’t always easy, but it sure is fun with a cousin like you by my side! Have a fantastic birthday.

Happy Birthday, Cousin! There are some people who always know the words to bring a smile to your face. You are that person to me! Have a wonderful birthday and keep shining your beautiful light for all the world to see!

Happy Birthday, Cousin! You have always been the fun one in the family. You inspire us all to take the time to do new things and have a blast! Hoping you keep up the good times and have a super fun day with your friends.

Happy Birthday, Cousin. We share so many great memories from our childhood. I loved spending time with you, and I still do. Thank you for being such a great cousin. Enjoy your birthday!

happy birthday cousin funny

happy birthday cousin funny
happy birthday cousin funny

Often crazy but always great fun to be around, you’re my cousin brother and I wouldn’t have you any other way! Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, my dear! I hope your special day is as special as you are to me!

Don’t worry about getting another year older, as you’ll always have me around to keep you feeling young and fun! You can always count on me, cousin!

I’m so lucky to have someone as fun and as wonderful as you in my life. You’re like the greatest friend and best brother all in one!

Your birthday is the perfect opportunity for me to remind you that you’re getting older! Perhaps on one of these birthdays, you’ll start getting wiser too!

funny birthday wishes for cousin brother

Cousins are so awesome. Well, at least mine is! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most handsome cousin in this world. Did I say “to”? I mean “from”!

Happy birthday to the cousin who is so awesome, lovable, amazing and reminds me of myself!

Happy birthday cousin! I hope your birthday is as great and awesome as I am!

Not everyone is as lucky as you are to have such an awesome cousin wish you a happy birthday today.

Happy birthday from your favourite cousin! May you live so healthy that you live to be old and toothless!

I admit it. You’re the coolest cousin I have. May you have a great birthday!

Happy birthday, I wish you every day, for more joys and love and many many more birthdays.

happy birthday cousin girl

happy birthday cousin girl
happy birthday cousin girl

Having a good cousin is one of the best gifts you can receive in your life. Thank you for being my inspiration and my dearest cousin and friend.

I want to tell you on this special day how loved and blessed I feel to have you as my cousin. You are part of my family and life, but you feel like more than that.

This birthday I wanted to let you know that you will forever be an irreplaceable part of my life. I hope your birthday is as phenomenal as you are cousin.

I can’t count how many times you have brought a smile to my face and laughter into my life. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.

Happy Birthday, Cousin! Wishing you a day filled with sweet treats, lots of fun, and everything you are hoping for!

A Source Of Happiness – Happy Birthday Cousin

So Much Happiness – Happy Birthday Cousin

I’m sending the very best birthday wishes your way today, my adorable little cousin sister! May your special day be a beautiful one full of love, joy, and happiness!